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Health Responsibility

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It’s time to take responsibility for your own health

This is the bottom line. Total health with interest and personal information can be easily chosen to support certain views. We need to interview government and expert statements. They do not always know what is better for your health, even if they are significant.

People who are particularly responsible for your health are you. You are better placed to make decisions about your health according to your own situation. The last 30 years tend to see the government as the main responsibility of our health. This is seen in a call to the government to “do something” on problems such as obesity and smoking, but two.

Personally, I do not have much confidence in the recommendation of the Department of Government and some “experts” they do. Regular readers will get used to my vision of the response to the emergence of the H1N1 virus (swine flu) and how billions of dollars are wasted and fear that does not need to be produced. It turns out that many experts recommend bulk immunization populations have financial links to producers.

Now there is a desire to vaccinate a boy against H.P.V. virus. This vaccine has been approved for use in girls. In the meantime, it has been promoted as a cervical cancer vaccine, in fact the vaccine of the four types of viruses, involved in the development of cervical cancer. The desire to extend the use came from the manufacturer (like their commercial), but it is easy to prepare fear when someone plays a cancer card in any health history. At this point, a rational assessment can come out of the window.

In this context of two circulars of the Department of Government Health, has crossed my office the same week. The first of W.A. The Department of Health concerns the plans to bring women who miss the third dose of H.P.V. vaccine for having it. The dosing program is zero, two and six months.

This comes from the circle “Although the optimal schedule is to manage Gardasil * at 0.2 and 6 months, the Australian doctors stated that administrations waiting for the third dose should provide superior immunity in the most comparable responses and The most likely … “