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It is time to assume responsibility for your own Health

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It is time to assume responsibility for your own health

This is the bottom line. Complete health with interest and personal information can be easily chosen to support certain views. We need to question governmental and expert statements. They do not always know what is best for your health, even if they are significant.

People who are especially responsible for their health are you. It is better located Home sell fast to make decisions about your health based on your own situation. There was a trend during the last 30 years to see the government as the main responsibility of our health. This is seen in a call for the government to “do something” about problems, such as obesity and smoking, but two.

Personally, I do not have much faith in the recommendation of the government department and some “experts” they do. Regular readers will be used in my opinion of the response to the onset of the H1N1 virus (swine flu) and how the billions of dollars are wasted and the fear that does not need to be produced. It turns out that many of the experts recommend bulk vaccination populations have financial links to producers.

Now there is an impulse to vaccinate a child against H.p.v. virus. This vaccine has been approved for use in girls. Meanwhile, it has been promoted as a vaccine against cervical cancer, in fact, the vaccine of the four types of viruses, involved in the development of cervical cancer. The impulse to extend the use has provided the manufacturer (as its commercial), but it is easy to prepare fear when someone plays a cancer card in any health history. At this point, the rational evaluation can come out the window.

In this context of two circulars of the Government Health Department crossed my desk in the same week. The first of W.A. The Department of Health is about plans to obtain women who lose the third dose of H.P.V. Vaccine to have it. Dose schedule is zero, two and six months.

This is from the circle “, while the optimal calendar is to administer Gardasil * at 0.2 and 6 months, Australian medical officers have declared that pending administrations, especially the third dose, provide higher immunity in the most comparable responses And more likely … “